6/22: New this week at Smoke Signals Online

This week at Smoke Signals Online, the net’s premier smoking fetish site, we’ve added 410 new photos and 14 minutes of smoking fetish video.

In the photo galleries, Sara P. does her hair and makeup, showing all of her accomplished style with frenches, snaps, smoke rings, mouth, nose and mouth/nose exhales. And in the high-res galleries, Janey
has a cool look, smoking in thigh-high boots in natural light.

In the video galleries, Stella and Adarra are topless, smoking multiples together with great snaps and cone exhales (plus a few nose exhales and frenches) as they chat. Then Stella starts in sheer lingerie, then drops her top to play with her boobs and reaches under the lingerie to work her pussy as she smokes all-whites.

You can see sample clips here and here.

And you can see free previews from all of our sites here. Come join us!

New smoking fetish videos added at Smoking Flicks….

We’ve added two brand-new smoking fetish movies at Smoking Flicks – the smoking movie streaming and video download site.

First, a new video from IRL Platinum features some great smoking in two duo scenes. However, due to a technical problem, there was no audio – so this title is being sold at a discount price. Ava and Jade are up first, with strong inhales, thick mouth and mouth/nose exhales and talking exhales; they’re followed by Gia and Stellajay who show nice cone exhales and some smoke rings in their scene. All four models smoke corks, and there are some chain lightups scattered through the video.

Then in a second IRL Platinum video, Adarra and Stella relax on the bed, chatting about smoking and guys, with quite a bit of talk about their smoking histories. There are huge cone exhales, snaps, french inhales, smoke rings and more. Adarra smokes corks and Stella smokes all-whites. Coed Kady is next, smoking Marlboro Lights 100s with deep drags and nice thick exhales in a casual shoot. Finally, Olivia and Autumn smoke corks and talk about their smoking histories; there are great cone exhales along with Olivia’s natural snaps.

Come check them out at Smoking Flicks :)

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